Defensiveness and Conflict

Defensiveness is the quality of being anxious to challenge or avoid criticism. For example, you can ask somebody a question and they answer with a mean face and a loud voice; you end getting loud back with that person. Eliminating defensiveness makes you a more effective communicator. You only get defensive when you feel like you are threatened. Susan’s boss came at her rudely and demanding her to do something as if she were a maid or animal or something. In the inside of her, she wanted to get defensive and come back with powerful words but she realized how much she needed the job.

Over the weekend I went home to see my family and have fun with them. My mother invited a few of her friends over. I have a puppy that I take very serious as if he were my child or a human. When people he never met comes over, he shows them he is mean by growling but if the person rubs him they become his friend. He is very playful. We were all in the living room watching television and he decided to play with them. He is rough because I trained him. He jumped on my mother friend and she thought that he was trying to attack her. She yelled ” I am about to hurt your dog”, and eventually I told her that she will get hurt too. The reason why I said that is because I care for him a lot.

Conflict is basically a struggle between two people, ideas, or interest. It is a natural and unavoidable thing. Conflict must be noticed to be managed. Most people don’t see the conflict because it is an natural thing. It can be as simple as not paying attention to someones conversation. In the article, Susan asked Jason about leaving to a vacation so that they could be relaxed but he was lost into his show. She than came out with a bag and he assumed that she was leaving him. Maybe if he was paying attention he would understand what was going on.

Yesterday I was with a few friends of mine. We were in the room just hanging out being boys. I was playing the video game the whole time. All of a sudden my friend decides to engage in a conversation with me knowing that I am focused on the game. I did not hear anything that he said. Five minutes later they got up and left and I asked where were we going. He said ” You was not listening to me the whole time!”.


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